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November 07 2014


November 04 2014

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Thankfully, I have my dragons. In time, the dragons would be her most formidable guardians, just as they had been for Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters three hundred years ago. Just now, though, they brought her more danger than protection. In all the world there were but three living dragons, and those were hers; they were a wonder, and a terror, and beyond price.”
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November 03 2014

Hey everyone, I was in a Twitter conversation due to the Tumblr strike, and the admins at Soup actually responded to me! As you can see from my previous post, there is multi-tag search functionality, but apparently photoset functionality is coming too!

The tweet from Soup.

You can easily filter your Soup (and other streams)

There are a few parameters that you can add to Soup URLs to filter what content to display:

Filtering by content type
Add ?type= followed by either text, link, quote, image, video, review, event, or file to your Soup's URL to show only posts of this content type.

Filtering by date
Add ?date=YYYY-MM-DD to the URL to show posts on and before that date.

Filtering by text search
Add ?search=query to the URL to show only posts that contain the text 'query'. Example:

Filtering by tag Add ?tag=tag1,tag2,... to the URL to show only posts that have those tags. Example:,programming
To combine these filters, join them together with the & character.
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November 01 2014

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At least our avatars can be gifs. That's neat! I sure do miss photosets and being able to search tags, though.
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